The Amazing Jack enyart

March 15, 2017

Tonight we interview the Legend Himself!!!!!

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Check out Jacks work at

Music by Zombie Dandies



A Special Guest draws some new topics.

February 17, 2017

We are here tonight with Paige "Rampaige" Hasley Warren. Artist and Creator of many great comics. We talk about current projects and New sponsers.


Can't wait next week we bring out the sponsers.


We Interview Rebbca Rad of Rad Cosplay

February 10, 2017

Tonight we interview Rebecca Rad from Rad Cosplay. It was an amazing talk. Check it out. Check out her podcast and her charity.


The Zombie Dandies nerd it up as we talk about their music

October 1, 2016

We talk with Marty with the band The Zombie Dandies. Finding about the band. We also cover some cultural observations. Check out their music.